Stout Dogue de Bordeaux 

Est. 1994

Imperial Grande Cleopatra 

Imperial Grande Cleopatra is out of Qt z Orisku x Vogue de Stout! So she is a grand daughter of our Romulus de Stout & Dogs Land MonCheri. Pedigree incl dogues we produced, along with many legends and dogs we imported over the years like... Ch.Yvictor van de Paterhoek, Heimers' Honnuer du Monde, Basilia cum Sangreal, Prada de Stout, Madeline de Stout, Dogs Land Edmonton, Dogs Land Farooq, JR/Rsv WCH. Brandoux Toezzz, Brio Grande Matilda, ....etc. 

Ch.Watusi de Stout (owned with partner Jorge) 

Ch.Watusi de Stout is out of Udonis de Stout x Gitana de Burdemos Ranch! Now co owned with Jorge(FL)! She is a big headed typey girl, just how we like them. Pedigree full of some legendary bloodlines like Dogs Land, Van de Paterhoek, De la tang de Mirloup, De L'aube Rouge, de Legeane,...etc. Many Champions in her pedigree as well 2x French Club Champ/World Champ Moby de Legeane, Jr.& Reserve World Champ Brandoux Toezzz,...etc. 

Imperial Grande Calpurnia(Chelsea)

Imperial Grande Calpurnia (aka Chelsea) is out of QT z Orisku x Vogue de Stout, bred by our partner @Imperial Grande Bordeaux(Kevin) in NC! Pedigree full of some of the most sought after bloodlines, World Champions, and European Champions! 

Caligula de Stout 

Cali is ouf of West de Stout x Volcano de Stout! Thick wide fearless girl with a lot of confidence! She is from a line breeding of West de red Stout(nephew) x Volcano de Stout(aunt) to double up on Dogs Land MonCheri  on both sides of her pedigree! Can't wait to see how she and her siblings mature!!!

Femme Fatale de Stout 

Femme de Stout out of Xzibit de Stout x Absolute Utopia de Stout! Many of our dogues from the past throughout her pedigree, and many famous dogs and Champions! 2x Clovis van de Paterhoek, 2x WCH.Moby de Legeane, 2x Dogs Land MonCheri, 2x CH.Nara de Stout, 2x Jr WCH.Brandoux Toezzz...etc...

 Grand Marnier de Stout

Grand Marnier is out of Udonis de Stout x Imperial Grande Calpurnia!
Ingredients include Udonis de Stout, Imperial Grande Cleopatra, QT z Orisku, Dogs Land MonCheri, Ch.Nara de Stout, WCH.Moby de Legeane, Romulus de Stout, Dogs Land Edmonton, Heimer's Honnuer du Monde, Clovis van de Paterhoek, Ch.Ballack de Achterkrim...etc. many more

Vogue de Stout (retired)

Absolute Utopia de Stout

Volcano de Stout (retired) 

Our foundation females and contributors of our bloodline....

Now living back with her breeder in NC, Imperial Grande Apache is out of Titan de Stout x Hanah de l'aube Rouge! She is back home where she was born with our good friends the Aycock family in NC! She produced great pups for us and we miss her dearly, but wanted her to enjoy the country life where she was born with great friend of mine that produced her! 

Vanity de Stout, our 4th generation out of Romulus de Stout x Dogs Land Mon Cheri! Pedigree full of world famous dogues and European Champion bloodlines. Incl 2 x French Club Champion & World Champion Moby, Jr./Rsv.World Champion Toezzz, ...etc.

In memory of Gitana de Burdemo's Ranch, mother of our "W" litter! Daughter of Ch.Coco Ricco de la tang de Mirloup x Ch.Ucun Trehua Sol(Pascuala). She was a very strong beautiful big boned, very typey female! Pedigree full of legends like Alvesta de la tang de Mirloup, Mora de Caporal,...etc. 

In memory of Dogs Land MonCheri, mother ot our "U", "V", and " X" litters. She was a daughter of a female we produced then went to a good friend of ours in Hungary, did very goods and represented very well Ch.Nara de Stout. Her sire was the legendary 2x French Club Champion/World Champion Moby de Legeane!

In memory of Prada de Stout, mother to our "R" and "T" litter, daughter of Dogs Land Farooq x Madeline de Stout! She has made a big imprint on our bloodline and her pups have produced stunning ddbs!

In memory of Versace, grand daughter of Clovis van de Paterhoek! was a massive girl that dwarfed many other ddbs in width and bone! Freakish strength! She is very missed and running with her pack in heaven!

In Memory of Madeline de Stout the 1st Stout pup, out of Yvictor van de Paterhoek and Brio Grande Matilda(Canadian Import)! Mother to Prada, and grandmother to Romulus!

In Memory of our foundation Brio Grande Matilda, mother to Madeline de Stout! behind her Venus, Madeline, and Moet! not one was less then 150lbs