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Above Brio Grand Matilda @ 3yrs old approx 145lbs. (Diesal Derby x Wooby). ARBA Spring  mother.Classic Best Of Breed winner rated Excellant everytime shown. Madelin de Stout's

RIP,  Hoochie 2rs old in front, Matilda in the middle? months, Napolean 6yrs old in the back.

 Park Ave Hoochie..Her son bred by Jean Burns, "Max" owned by Lynn went on to become the 1st AKC Dogue de Bordeaux Champion. R.I.P Hoochie named changed to Park Ave Wild Story!

We have been blessed to have large head males, Lummox  above was only 9months old  with a 27" head! we have had 27 to 30", even  produced a male that had a 31" head at 18months old...

Above looking like twins though not related, Moet and Madelin de Stout 2008!

1994 Our son above and his 1st DDB Alfalfa aka Napolean du Bodscav of the legendary TNT lines, the breeder of the 4 dogs used in the movie Turner and Hooch. We dont just say we been in the breed since 1994, but provide proof or son is 22yrs old today in 2012!